If you would like to discuss anything you see here or wanna bounce ideas off me, feel free to email optproj@gmail.com or call anytime – 214-842-2875.





Option Strategy Initial  (Powerpoint),

2004-2008 Summary Results w/Trades (Excel)*

2009 Live Hedge Fund Results w/o Trades (Excel)

Option Modules basic explanation (work in progress) (Word)

2009-2017 Monthly Prop Trading Returns (Excel)**

Click Here to see the only *** ONE *** HF or CTA out of 130 that currently offer an Option Strategy as per Barclay that have had better YTD returns thus far (as of 8/20/16) in 2016 (Excel).

My Resume (Word),

Linked In (HTML),

* Full version available upon request (approx. 45mb)

** Live trades and current open positions available upon request to approved parties via our Live Site

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  1. optionproject Says:

    It’s all about making money and not about being right. The market is the only thing that is always right – so leave bias at the door and be flexible (there’s usually more than one right move). You’ve got to preserve capital to be around to play another day. You must always be in control, never wishing, always trading, and always, always, always, protecting your a**. Leave pride and emotion out of the equation. Focus on the money you have at risk instead of how much you might make. (Talent + Hard Work) = Success – one without the other requires too much luck. – Compendium of Great Advice


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